Workbench and Tools

As a first post I thought it would be appropriate to take some pictures of my usual workbench and the tools that I have on hand. I do have access to a bit more than the photos may show, but these are the tools I use frequently and the area I assemble most of my projects. In the future however don’t be surprised to see a secondary workshop in the background of photos or new tools make appearances.

A photo of the workbench I use and an assortment of tools and supplies. From left to right you can see the ever useful Dremel tool, a parts case sitting on a Digi-Key box full of more electronic goodies, my camera case, and my electronic tool case.

A close-up view of my electronic tool case and how I organize everything. In bottom portion of the case you can see a heat gun (from Sparkfun), my soldering iron, spools of wire, solder, solder wick, a screwdriver set with various bits, and a project case full of parts I use a lot. In the top half you can see an assortment of tools including pliers, a razor knife, a set of security screw drivers, a small screw driver, flush cutters, wire cutters/stripers, and about six pairs of various tweezers.

A photo of my camera case which holds the charger, cables, a small tripod, and a fish-eye lens. You'll notice the actual camera is missing, but it fits nicely in the foam and is a Canon Rebel.

The drill press I use for drilling PCBs and such. This is such a useful tool especially to replace unsteady hand-drilling of PCB's with the Dremel tool.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve uploaded at the moment, but I also have a Flickr set with more photos. I will also try to update that album with new tools I get and when I have a chance a few photos of the other tools and the other work space I have access to.


2 Responses to Workbench and Tools

  1. Will C says:

    I really like how you have cases specifically for the tools you use, complete with the foam cut-outs. Where did you get the cases?

    • pourcirm says:

      I actually got them at a store called Harbor Freight Tools. They’re really nice cases too for a price of about $20 – $25. If you check in on their website or in the store from time to time they have the cases in three sizes and they go on sale sporadically which makes them an even better buy. Just a tip though the foam only comes with the largest of the cases I used some leftover foam for the small case I have.

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