March 13, 2012

New LogoFebruary and the beginning of March have been rather busy and I haven’t had a chance to post much to the site. That being said I have still been working on some things to improve it. Some of you may have already noticed, but I’ve added a bit to my logo and changed the site header. That’s where things started. I felt the logo before was too plain and wanted to add to it and I felt like the site header could be better as well. I don’t know that either change is perfect yet, but I like them better thus far. I’ll roll out a few more things relating to this logo change and a new video introduction I’m working on in the near future so keep an eye out.

As for projects and progress. I hate to say it, but I haven’t made much progress on my short-term projects lately. I have a few circuit board designs I’m working on sporadically, but the majority of my time has been focused on trying to find a job. With that being said I have recently shifted my project plans to focus on one of my long-term goals. That goal is putting together a CNC machine and I am slowly making progress on it. I’ve had the electronics to build such a system for a while now and recently purchased a ShapeOko kit. I went with this kit because I think it has a lot of promise. The community behind it seems motivated and helpful so I feel as though assembling it is well documented and seems simple to do. My biggest reason for purchasing it however is the possibility of expansion that it presents. I have a few ideas for upgrades in the future and I’m excited to get the kit and start on phase one of the build.


About pourcirm

I have a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. I'm always looking for new challenges and projects. I'm interested in science, math, art, sports, and building things.
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