Future Plans

This page will serve as a general list of things that I have an interest in working on and hope to get to in future projects.

These topics currently include:

– Building a Laser Cutter – In Progress

– Currently collecting the materials to assemble a BuildLog.net 2.X Laser Cutter.

– Building a CNC Machine – Update Coming Soon

– I have completed my build of a ShapeOko CNC kit and have also made various upgrades. My current footprint is larger than the standard ShapeOko, but I am looking to expand it further and building a dedicated CNC table.

– Building a 3-D Printer – Update Coming Soon

– I have completed my build of a MendelMax 3D Printer and have added various upgrades to the printer as I calibrated it to produce high quality parts.

– I have started looking towards a second printer build of a Delta style printer.

– I have also started looking into expanding my MendelMax for Dual Extrusion in the future.

– Building a 3-D Scanning Device

– I have been experimenting with various laser and camera setups to determine which scanning method will produce the most accurate results.

– Building an Arduino with internet capabilities and designing projects around it

– Currently creating a networked power strip to control lights and various other devices.

– Building various Home Automation and RFID Projects

– Using the above noted networked power strip for some home automation and experimenting with RFID control of locks and various tasks to be automated.

– Working on various other projects that involve microcontrollers and present chances to improve my code writing abilities.