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Applications of Quantum Mechanics

While I admit this article is a little outside of my scientific area I find quantum mechanics as interesting as a physicist might. This slideshow article gives 10 applications of quantum mechanics that span the past, present, and future. I … Continue reading

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Finding a Remedy for Metallic Hip Failures

I found this article interesting mostly because of the fact that it shows just how applicable so many of the classes I took in Biomedical Engineering are. As the title suggests surgeons are finding that metal-on-metal replacement hips are failing … Continue reading

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5 Recent Breakthroughs in Nanomedicine

The future is definitely going to be on a nanoscale as we explore smaller and smaller particles and possibilities of the world around us. What some people may not know however is that their has already been a movement towards … Continue reading

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Tevatron Shut Down

Just a short article on the coming shut down of the Tevatron Collider. It has had a pretty storied and important 28 year history and I find it sad that the United States is letting another research facility fall to … Continue reading

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3D Printers Creating Fossils

Yet another cool usage for the ever versatile 3D printer. Paleoanthropologists in the Bronx are using a 3D printer to recreate fossilized monkey skulls as new plastic models that they can work on. Using the 3D printer they can modify … Continue reading

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