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Bug Biofuel Cells

While I don’t see this powering the entire world as we know it any time soon this article is about some interesting research. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have created an implantable biofuel cell that can provide power from … Continue reading

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The Ever Important Lab Notebook

As someone with research experience in an academic setting I have an understanding and appreciation for the lab notebook. It may not always seem like the most important thing in the world at the time, but when you forget that … Continue reading

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Making of the Arduino

I think this article is a good example of how the Open Source movement can, is, and will change a lot of things in the world. Most people know what the Arduino is if they’re involved in any kind of … Continue reading

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Interactive Elements

While this link is more of an interactive graphic than it is an article I felt like it was still interesting enough to post about. Scientific American has created an interactive periodic table of elements full of interesting facts about … Continue reading

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Wireless Health Care

This is an interesting article about the changing world of health care and how everything is moving towards wireless medicine. In the first paragraph alone we’re presented with a toilet that measures what’s in your urine, sensors implanted under the … Continue reading

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