Wireless Health Care

This is an interesting article about the changing world of health care and how everything is moving towards wireless medicine. In the first paragraph alone we’re presented with a toilet that measures what’s in your urine, sensors implanted under the skin for remote monitoring, and a medicine cabinet that orders refills for your prescriptions, before the author mentions that your scale may soon keep track of your weight and urge you to get thinner. While it may all seem like an almost futuristic world where everything around your home is smarter and looks to analyze your health at every turn these technologies aren’t far off.

As our technology becomes more advanced and health care costs continue to rise there has to be a breaking point or a revolution in medicine that makes it easier for the average person to monitor their health and still be aware of health issues so that they can seek early treatment. With this revolution of technology physicians can literally examine the data from every point of our life to make sure we are being properly diagnose and cared for.

For all the details and to see some of the devices being tested today check out the full article. I for one am a little unsure about the coming change; while I like the sound of better health I can’t say that I want my appliances and house telling me what to eat.



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