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I haven’t posted any articles to my Extras section recently because I was testing out the idea of exclusively posting article links to my Twitter feed. After trying that for the past month and a half I’ve found that I … Continue reading

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The Infant Universe

This is an interesting article I read about how scientists are studying some of the earliest parts of the universe. Using high-powered telescopes they are able to find and study gas pockets that were formed soon after the creation of … Continue reading

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The Ever Important Lab Notebook

As someone with research experience in an academic setting I have an understanding and appreciation for the lab notebook. It may not always seem like the most important thing in the world at the time, but when you forget that … Continue reading

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Making of the Arduino

I think this article is a good example of how the Open Source movement can, is, and will change a lot of things in the world. Most people know what the Arduino is if they’re involved in any kind of … Continue reading

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A short video in the spirit of Halloween and a secondary video about where this strange holiday came from all those years ago.

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