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I have a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. I'm always looking for new challenges and projects. I'm interested in science, math, art, sports, and building things.

Interactive Elements

While this link is more of an interactive graphic than it is an article I felt like it was still interesting enough to post about. Scientific American has created an interactive periodic table of elements full of interesting facts about … Continue reading

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Wireless Health Care

This is an interesting article about the changing world of health care and how everything is moving towards wireless medicine. In the first paragraph alone we’re presented with a toilet that measures what’s in your urine, sensors implanted under the … Continue reading

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Applications of Quantum Mechanics

While I admit this article is a little outside of my scientific area I find quantum mechanics as interesting as a physicist might. This slideshow article gives 10 applications of quantum mechanics that span the past, present, and future. I … Continue reading

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Finding a Remedy for Metallic Hip Failures

I found this article interesting mostly because of the fact that it shows just how applicable so many of the classes I took in Biomedical Engineering are. As the title suggests surgeons are finding that metal-on-metal replacement hips are failing … Continue reading

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5 Recent Breakthroughs in Nanomedicine

The future is definitely going to be on a nanoscale as we explore smaller and smaller particles and possibilities of the world around us. What some people may not know however is that their has already been a movement towards … Continue reading

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